Willesborough Recreation Ground

Many residents have said that they would like to see more than just cut grass on the Rec – we are looking for ideas.

Some ideas we have had so far include:

  • Meadow Area (Uncut area sown with wild flowers (good for bees etc.))
  • Community Orchard (An area with fruit and nut trees)
  • Paved pathways (for disabled, parents with pushchairs, cyclists etc.)
  • Football pitches (or other sport facilities – enter suggestions below)
  • Exercise machines
  • Seats, Benches, Picnic tables, Shelters etc.

We have published a Questionnaire, which can be accessed here —> Rec_Questionnaire.   You can complete it and return to the address/email addresses shown.   Alternatively, you can leave your comments below or email comments to rec@north-willesborough.org.uk.

We look forward to getting your views.

A current plan of the Rec can be viewed HERE

7 thoughts on “Willesborough Recreation Ground

  1. Nicola

    Football pitch(es), decent park for variety of ages. Removal of the sandpit. Tennis court & basketball court.
    Small car park to encourage people to visit.
    Any slides or other metal which tend to get hot to be placed out of direct sunlight

  2. Katherine Cotsford

    A better play area, something for all ages. Play area could be nature related. Maybe made of wood/logs etc. Get the children from Willesborough School Infants and juniors to give ideas and competition for the design as it’s used a lot before and after school by pupils.
    Wildlife meadow with signs to explain what wildlife could be spotted there. Make the signs a spotting wildlife game. At Brookhill country park they have brass rubbing of the wildlife the children can find, so it’s hands on fun and learning.
    More dog poo bins to be available.
    More picnic tables and benches some in shady spots.
    Keep the trees for shade and include some shade in the play area as on a hot day it’s too much for the children and adults.
    Hold a fun day on the field for the opening to get the community together.

  3. Jo Rossi

    Updated play equipment , fenced off, for little ones and up to teenagers
    Wild meadow / community allotment /orchard type set up
    Exercise machines
    Tennis courts back in use
    Basket ball court refurbed

  4. Julia Snashall

    Resident of Church Road & our house backs onto The Rec. I use the Rec regularly to do my running around the perimeter. I would like to see the continuation of the grass mowing and hedges neatly trimmed.

    I would hate to see this turned onto a housing estate.

    Wild Meadow Area good idea

    No nut trees! Allergies

    No shelters – might encourage youths!

    Good idea for tarmac pathways around perimeter for disabled or pushchairs etc. But be mindful that if the trees or bushes are not regularly trimmed this would become overgrown and unusable


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