New Website for North Willesborough Community

Finally, the new website for the North Willesborough area is up and running.   It has to be said that it is in its infancy just now, but new content will be added as quickly and as soon as possible, so be sure to visit regularly.

3 thoughts on “New Website for North Willesborough Community

  1. Dom

    Thanks for leaflet, I have signed petition and looking forward to new developments in North Willesborough.

    Osborne Road.

  2. Stephen Cochrane

    I want to sign a petition NOT to have a Community Council. We do not need to extend the levels of local government – indeed we should be reducing it. We should be removing at least one tier of LG and seeking ways to reduce the burden on the Council tax payers of the area. Community Councils and other such organisations will seek to raise taxes for no added value. Just use the current system and engage in the consultation processes that are available. Less government, less taxes and less interference.

  3. John Eccleshall

    As a resident within the area can you advise
    How many persons over the age of 18 reside in the North Willesborough catchment area and were therefore eligible to sign the petition
    Why does the web site say “To make it Happen – We need 1000 signatures” yet the flyer sent out states 750


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