You will have received, or shortly will be receiving, your Ballot Papers from Ashford Borough Council.   To ensure the formation of a Parish/Community Council for North Willesborough


However, a simple “YES” majority vote will not be enough – only an overwhelming “YES” vote will persuade Ashford Borough Council that North Willesborough should have a Parish/Community Council.


Tell your neighbours, friends and family to vote YES today.   Follow this link to download the Poster and put it in your window to remind others.

This opportunity will not arise again for at least 10 years


Voting ends 3pm 12th October

Help your Community help itself !

For more information click HERE


  1. john wilson

    I read with interest the leaflet delivered to all North Willesborough residents asking for a YES vote for a Parish/Community Council.
    One should note that the organisers made sure that the extra cost that would be incurred should one vote yes was placed on the back of the leaflet and not easily seen.
    Residents be aware that the cost stated between £1.50 to £2 per month which works out to roughly an extra £25 per year on your Council Tax and will rise every year.
    Also there is no guarantee that this will ensure any major changes to improving the area of North Willesborough.
    Why should residents that vote NO have to pay for a Parish Council they didn’t agree with.
    Yours faithfully
    John Wilson

    1. WP_admin Post author

      Mr Wilson,

      £25 is the amount being talked about by all the non-parished urban areas – if we can keep it lower in North Willesborough we shall. Please remember, though, that the precept works in the same way as your council tax – the value will be for a Band D house (so if you’re A, B or C it will be lower) and the discounts will apply (e.g. sole occupiers will get 25% discount).

      I sympathise with your point about NO voters not wanting to pay, as Westminster, KCC and ABC spend my tax money on things I don’t agree with or don’t use, but that’s just the way society works. At least with a Community Council you will be able to have a greater say in how the precept money is spent, either by becoming a Community Councillor yourself or by lobbying those that are.

      Ian Stevenson

  2. Peter

    Funny how my friend left a negative comment regarding the formation of this community council (we don’t want it) and the comment has not been published?????????????????? WHY????????????? I thought this was a democracy and every view was welcome…..obviously not

    1. WP_admin Post author

      Apologies Peter, I haven’t been around to review and publish comments – all done now.

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