Welcome to the North Willesborough Community Forum website and blog.

This site is run by the North Willesborough Community Forum (NWCF).   Its purpose is to to provide information about and for North Willesborough in Kent, England.


North Willesborough Community Forum (NWCF) is a volunteer led group established to represent the views of people living and working in the NWCF area.   Its main objectives and functions are:

  • To represent the needs and aspirations of the Community.
  • To work with and lobby private, statutory and voluntary bodies to take any action as appropriate.
  • To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Community.
  • To be a means whereby the Community is able to voice opinions on local matters which affect their lives and wellbeing.
  • To promote community spirit.
  • To keep the community informed

NWCF is run by a Steering Committee, which meets every 4-6 weeks to discuss community issues.   Open Meetings are held 3 or 4 times a year where the community is informed of matters affecting them and where they can provide feedback.   The open meetings usually feature a speaker.

NWCF is non-party in politics and non-sectarian.


NWCF has its own Constitution.   This version of the Constitution was adopted at the 2016 AGM on the 10th August.




On 20 March 2002 Ashford Borough Council’s Executive Committee agreed to establish community forums in the non-parished urban areas of Ashford, the aim being to give residents a structure within which they could formally express their views and ideas on important issues, and take forward community projects benefiting their area.   Four urban community forums were established :

  • Central Ashford
  • Kennington
  • South Ashford
  • Willesborough

In 2014 the Forums had the opportunity to campaign to become civil parishes.   The Willesborough Community Forum area was then split in two, with the South Willesborough and Newtown area, south of the Folkestone Railway, campaigning separately.   To avoid confusion the remainder of the Willesborough Community Forum area was renamed North Willesborough Community Forum.   Of the five areas that campaigned to become civil parishes only South Willesborough and Kennington succeeded – North Willesborough remains a Community Forum only.